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BFilm Micro invites screenwriters based in the West Midlands to submit short film scripts that can form part of an anthology feature film (also known as a portmanteau, omnibus or package film).

Augmental will be an action tech thriller about a female cycle courier involved in a breathtaking life-or-death cat-and-mouse chase, picking up hidden films virtually embedded via augmented reality at locations around the city of Birmingham. Seven found-footage short films will form the basis of a series of clues that lead her to a terrifying climax.

Can your short film script be part of this?

Here are the rules:

  • Each short script must feature our central character, even if tangentially.
  • Each film must be a ‘found footage’ short that is from her past life (any age, and as recent as yesterday).
  • Each short should be a self-contained story with a twist of some sort.
  • The overall tone of the feature film is dark, so the short should match, but can be varied genres.
  • Each film might involve questioning the nature of reality, whether scientifically, biologically, or psychologically.
  • Each script should be between 5-7 minutes in length.
  • Each script must be realisable on a micro-budget scale.
  • Writers must be over 18 and based in the West Midlands, UK.
  • In order to match up the short films with the connecting narrative, we do envisage a development discussion with successful writers.

To find out more about the project, writers must first express their interest and submit a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, after which they will receive the full brief outlining the entire story.

Please express your interest by downloading the Non-Disclosure Agreement below:


Sign and send it to us either by scanning the document as a .PDF or .JPG and emailing

or print and mail it to:

BFilm Micro
c/o Andy Conway
Curzon Building
Birmingham City University
4 Cardigan Street
Birmingham B4 7BD

You will receive the Augmental story outline in due course.


April 1st 2016: full Augmental briefs will be released to writers

May 1st 2016: short film script submission deadline

June 1st 2016: winning short film scripts announced

August 1st 2016: two-month development period finalises

September 1st 2016: full first-draft feature film script completed

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