From Dudley to Hollywood: A Screenwriting Masterclass with Bobby Lee Darby and Nathan Brookes

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BFilm Micro is delighted to announce that screenwriting duo Bobby Lee Darby and Nathan Brookes will be joining us to discuss their meteoric journey from Dudley to Hollywood.

When: 3.30-5pm Wednesday 4th May

Where: Parkside Theatre; The Parkside Building, Birmingham City University, 5 Cardigan Street, Birmingham B4 7BD

Bobby Lee Darby and Nathan Brookes studied at Wolverhampton University, forming a partnership born out of a shared love for movies, comics and all things cinema.

In 2007 the duo won the Slamdance Horror Screenwriting Competition with their script Slaughter, which was subsequently optioned.

In 2012 the pair sold Bermuda to WWE Studios, a found footage horror tale set in the Bermuda Triangle.

In 2013, whilst living in LA the duo penned See No Evil 2 the sequel to the 2006 slasher movie for WWE Studios. It was released Halloween 2014, quickly becoming the biggest selling straight to DVD horror movie of the year.

In early 2014 the pair wrote 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown for WWE Studios, which was shot August 2014 and was released January 2016.

Following this the writers pitched WWE Studios and Lionsgate Eliminators, an action thriller set in London that will be a part of their ‘Action Six-Pack’ series. It was directed by James Nunn and is currently in post-production for a 2016 release.

The duo recently sold a horror pitch to Scott Free Productions that Ridley Scott will Exec produce and are currently working with Noel Clarke on an action thriller.

Join us for an inspiring and fascinating insight into cracking Hollywood!

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