Immersion is the talent development strand of the current BFilm Micro pilot, funded by Birmingham City University.

Twelve students were chosen following a selection process; comprising of undergraduate, postgraduate and alumni students from across the Arts, Design and Media faculty at BCU.

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Photo by Andy Conway

The Immersion programme consists of 11 days of high quality training, plus some distance learning and collaboration outside of scheduled class time with others on the programme. During sessions, trainees are guided through the complete life cycle of a feature film – from initial story concept to exhibition of a completed movie.

Trainees are also placed into working teams of Producer, Writer and Director to develop potential ideas for both the Augmental proof-of-concept teaser and the full treatment under the guidance of the BFilm Micro team.

‘Open’ Masterclass Sessions:

Once a month, BFilm Micro invites an industry professional to BCU to deliver a filmmaking masterclass, which is open to the wider filmmaking community. The first masterclass saw Producer Matt Wilkinson talk about his debut feature film The Call Up, which was shot in Birmingham. Our second masterclass welcomed Dudley-based screenwriters Bobby Lee Darby and Nathan Brookes to talk about their experience of working in Hollywood.

Photos by Tim Montague

Production of a 3-minute proof-of-concept film:

The pilot phase of the programme will culminate in the production of a 3-minute proof-of-concept teaser film, aimed at attracting future investment in BFilm Micro’s proposed debut feature film Augmental, a high-octane tech thriller set against the backdrop of a highly stylised Birmingham cityscape. The Immersion trainees will shadow the production team: Pip, Andy and Paul, as they develop the concept for the teaser and will be actively involved in the production of the 3-minute film.

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Photo © Ian Davies Photo