Summer school short film auditions actors

Casting session at Birmingham City University for the short films we’re making in collaboration with the university’s Graduate+ programme.

Actors cast for BFilm Micro/Birmingham City University/Graduate+ shorts. Congratulations to Philip Parnell, Leonie Slater and Tim Watson. Continue reading “Summer school short film auditions actors”

Erica Nockalls takes lead role in Augmental

bfilmicro_ website_ ericanockalls

BFilm Micro are delighted to announce that the immensely talented musician and artist Erica Nockalls is cast as the lead actor, Tyke, in our forthcoming proof-of-concept teaser film for ‪Augmental‬, the feature film.

Following her audition, Andy Conway, screenwriter for the film, said: “It was a real pleasure to read scenes from Augmental with Erica and see the words on the page come alive.”